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What kind of computers/devices should i have?

Onesystem is an web-based application. Any device like tablet, smartphone or computers can be used to access system. Touch technology has changed the world. However desktop or laptop computers are still the most comfortable devices for daily office operations.  Therefore you don’t need high configuration. We recommend you to buy a computer with operating system optimums. We don’t have any special needs, but window 10 operating system needs advised to have minimum 4gb memory. For tablets prefer with a litter faster processors.

Which internet speed do i need to have to use system?

When subject is the internet speed how much more is that much good. Onesystem has a very optimized user interface. It is able to work under low bandwidth internet connection such as mobile phones gprs (40-50kb/sec). It will not be advanced but system will work properly. We recommend minimum 1 Mbit/Sec (128kb/sec) per user for a regular browsing experience.

How I can connect my branch offices to system?

Onesystem has support for branch offices. There is no restrictions for amount of branch offices and users you may create. . All reservations in system will be signed by the branch office which user connected to.

For your branch offices you may define and force also:

  • Default bankaccount and cash register
  • Default language
  • Default currency for sales (for international branch offices)
  • Ip number ( To restrict access to a static ip number )
  • Working hours

Can I share reservation with my incoming handler?

Yes. You may create a username & password for your incoming handler and define which information they may reach remotely. In general use, we allow them to reach to reservation, rooming, passenger and transport lists. And authentication to change room state like such as confirmed, not confirmed or on request etc. They may reach also the notices left by your employees about rooms.

But for the creditors (such as incoming handlers or transport companies) Onesystem has some certain restrictions. It does not matter which level of  access rights they have, system will let them to reach for the only services they are responsible handling without sales and financial information.