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Onesystem Features

Onesystem is originally developed as a reservation and operation management system for touristic agencies. Therefore it focuses on sales and marketing needs for professionals in which we cooperated during the process. Tourism is a sophisticated sector which has special ways of defining and doing tasks. Products, season, and a lot of factors may change the definition of your tour operator. We were aware that our software has to be enough parametric and customizable for different markets, countries, and characteristics of agencies. We have succeeded to finalize a finished product for our clients by years of development and hard testing process within these parameters.

Onesystem features

Below here you may find general information about our modules and capabilities. You may click here to request a free demo for your company. Our team will contact with you shortly.

Onesystem Modules

Reservation System General Workflow

Onesystem has a lot of wizards to help you finishing your tasks such as packagemaker and multiple flightchanger. We aimed to design user interface to get result with minumum clicks. Most daily routines are self automated.


Onesystem product management can handle regular providers (such as contracted dmc handler or hotel itself), or online providers. For online providers which we didn't work before there can be an additional one time development process for protocols.

Different markets, currency & language support

We know that as tour operator you are able to deal with a lot of issues. There can be difference for selling/buying currencies. If you are a eurozone company and working with Egpyt as a destination, mostly you have to handle with USD as cost currency. From preparing prices to cost-control Onesystem handle this inter-exchange issues. Also you may split your prices to market segments. You may lock specific buyers to use certain currency. In international operations it is a must property.

Onesystem currently filled up with English, Serbian and Turkish dictionary. Onesystem has support for all languages with utf-8 character sets including arabic, cyrilic and similar having different character sets. We are enlarging our dictionary on demand. If you have specific requests, please contact with our team.

Fix Quota & Price management

It is a often case tour operators make bulk sales aggrements, or apply special conditions to some retailer. You may manage all this by Onesystem beside system offers your a lot of special condition definition.

These are common properties for all product definitions. Onesystem supports product management for below table.

Other facilities
Mass operations
FIT operations
MICE (in development)
Flight, Train, Bus (Anything ticketable) Insurance
Other chargeable

Group pnr logic

Onesytem workswith group pnr logic. You may do reservation for different kind of products for a customer under one pnr. All operational units will get the data from the reservation as their needs.

For example, if you are having a customer traveling to Dubai, you may make a reservation for accommodation and visa under one unique pnr. This allow our customers a more easier accounting process and more realistic data about reservation. While visa department finishing visa states, room department can confirm hotel reservation.

User-friendly reservation mask

By our reservation interface your staff can finish any kind of reservation stable and easy in 3 steps. Our reservation mask will save you also from high training costs for the sales representatives. Any person even low experienced with company offers may learn to make a booking in minutes with a short brief.

Operation is the center of everything for a tour operation. For accommodation, transport and other services we decorated our software with mostly automated tools for the users. For the preparation and  after-sales processes your employees will follow reservations easily. Our master-detail structure for the windows is providing easy to find solutions for specific tasks. We have department for each defined product type, and plus reservation follow operations and a strong reporting system is attached.

When we design the system we are tried to provide a pro-active, fast and easy solutions under general definition of touristic operations and how to handle it. However of course there can be small needs to be applied cause of local laws & regulation etc. In this matters our teams will provide you a solution.

Accounting in tourism is different from regular accounting systems. A tour operator is a service supplier, which works with advance payments and syncronized b2c and b2c channels. We have so many additional parameters ordinary companies does not need. Sales, balance-sheets by risk, instant and official, cost-control and cash flow reports only find real meaning in tourism. Onesystem reservation accounting (pre-accounting) and accounting system designed based on this facts. A feature accounting modules are definitions, debtors and creditors, safes, payment flow, cost-control and invoicing.

A tour operator is damned to fail without solid accounting data. In Onesystem you may find some functions surprising you. Our experienced team help you to construct a more efficient accounting system. Onesystem is not a total accounting system, but 90% it is. We developed our accounting details to provide your realistic results about your operations and source for official accounting. For small companies it is possible, but we don’t target to replace your official accounting.

Onesystem benefit & features

Maintanance & Backup

Momentarily our all customers has the final version of our software with no additional charges. Backups are scheduled based on your companies frequency automatically. Your all system is under our professional watch 7/24. By contacting… Read More

Start using immediately

Onesystem is a web based operation and reservation system for tour operators. You may start to use system upon your registration. Our team will let you through setup process very fast on basic company information.… Read More

Decrease your expenses

Onesystem is a ready-to-go online system and does not require a special hardware, server platform or specific license investment. Your system in at your reach wherever you have internet connection. Our servers are located on… Read More

User-friendly interface design

Indeed tourism is a sophisticated profession. You and your employees may learn to operate in short time. Our user friendly interface will guide you in every step. We believe we have an efficient good interface… Read More


Data security is indeed one of the biggest problem for our era. Our team is monitoring all system 7/24 against attacks and other technical problems to keep your business up and running. Your all system… Read More

Reporting & Supported file types

Reporting is one of the most important part of a system. Onesystem has various reports and  a print system with native language support. We have text, html, pdf and excel export options. You may preview… Read More


What kind of computers/devices should i have?

Onesystem is an web-based application. Any device like tablet, smartphone or computers can be used to access system. Touch technology… Read More

Can I share reservation with my incoming handler?

Yes. You may create a username & password for your incoming handler and define which information they may reach remotely.… Read More

How I can connect my branch offices to system?

Onesystem has support for branch offices. There is no restrictions for amount of branch offices and users you may create.… Read More

Which internet speed do i need to have to use system?

When subject is the internet speed how much more is that much good. Onesystem has a very optimized user interface. It… Read More