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Onesystem online reservation system

Onesystem is a platform independent web-based reservation and operation system for tour operators and retailers. Our software is a result of 4 years of development and a long stressfull testing period. Our founder team has overall 30 years experience in tourism and IT sector. Therefore we aimed to provide a sustainable, profitable and easy to use system for our customers.

To be in tourism sector for a short while is enough to understand that it has a very different and particular way of functioning. Tourism has a regrettable human factor. Its character is fragile by time, economy, politics even the daily weather behind its marketing and sales forced construction. From 1 to 100.000 passenger has their own economical and operational risks. All this all operation is driven by only sales. we have worked to create a software as aware of this facts with our long time experience in tourism as a team.

Online sales support

Onesystem supports direct customer sales over website (b2c) and retailer system (b2b). Beside this our platform is able to integrate with any platform or 3rd party services with its data services.

You may get our ready to use website design which gives you ability to start sales immediately. But design is something else, every company has their own strategy, vision and taste. As well as our team capable of providing you all these design services, we have also a plugin WordPress platform which provides automatic integration. You may have own design or adding Onesystem capabilities to your existing website. Please contact with our team for your specific needs. We will be greatefull to be part of your project.


What kind of computers/devices should i have?

Onesystem is an web-based application. Any device like tablet, smartphone or computers can be used to access system. Touch technology… Read More

Can I share reservation with my incoming handler?

Yes. You may create a username & password for your incoming handler and define which information they may reach remotely.… Read More

How I can connect my branch offices to system?

Onesystem has support for branch offices. There is no restrictions for amount of branch offices and users you may create.… Read More

Which internet speed do i need to have to use system?

When subject is the internet speed how much more is that much good. Onesystem has a very optimized user interface. It… Read More