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How does Onesystem calculate an accommodation offer?Tourism is a specially different sector to develop software. It is so parallel to technological …2019-05-27 10:25:29
Reporting & Supported file typesReporting is one of the most important part of a system. Onesystem has various reports …2018-12-10 12:12:12
Maintanance & BackupMomentarily our all customers has the final version of our software with no additional charges. …2018-12-10 12:05:26
SecurityData security is indeed one of the biggest problem for our era. Our team is …2018-12-10 11:51:47
Decrease your expensesOnesystem is a ready-to-go online system and does not require a special hardware, server platform …2018-12-10 11:25:27
Start using immediatelyOnesystem is a web based operation and reservation system for tour operators. You may start …2018-12-10 11:22:10
User-friendly interface designIndeed tourism is a sophisticated profession. You and your employees may learn to operate in …2018-12-10 11:02:24
What kind of computers/devices should i have?Onesystem is an web-based application. Any device like tablet, smartphone or computers can be used …2018-12-06 21:52:56
Which internet speed do i need to have to use system?When subject is the internet speed how much more is that much good.¬†Onesystem has a …2018-12-06 21:39:47
How I can connect my branch offices to system?Onesystem has support for branch offices. There is no restrictions for amount of branch offices …2018-12-06 20:53:32
Can I share reservation with my incoming handler?Yes. You may create a username & password for your incoming handler and define which …2018-12-02 14:31:55