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Decrease your expenses

Onesystem is a ready-to-go online system and does not require a special hardware, server platform or specific license investment.

Your system in at your reach wherever you have internet connection. Our servers are located on high internet bandwidth under 7/24 watch of our team. Onesystem has benefit to your expenses in different ways.

  • If you are opening a new office, you don’t need any specific hardware. Computers you are buying can be ordinary with optimum processor and memory. Also we are an internet based system, therefore your computer’s operating system does not matter. You may prefer Window, Macintosh or alternatively free platform Linux which can refund a lot of money back to your budget. Onesystem only requires an internet browser with java support. As a populer cross-platform browser Chrome is recommended.
  • Onesystem does not require a local server which is an expensive and unsustainable. In a localized system sure you need technical support as a cost. Also local systems bonded with your desktop operating systems. It makes your system vulnerable to their weak points such as viruses, attacks etc.